Eco-Chlor SM35 Salt Chlorinator

Pentair Water Eco-Chlor SM Salt Water Chlorinator

Salt water chlorinators use common table salt to generate disinfecting chlorine for your swimming pool.  Using salt chlorinators mean great savings and better safety.  No more having to handle unfriendly dry chlorine to keep your pool sanitized.

The Eco-Chlor Salt Chlorinator together with our Prozone Ozonator is a great combo for always clean and clear pool.


  • 3000 to 35000 ppm Salt (can be used in salt water)
  • Low salt disables output
  • Electronic flow sensor and fault light
  • User friendly interface: LED indicator lights and touch pad controls
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Best high salt level regulating device available (Switch Mode)
  • Fully weather protected
  • SuperChlor mode for boosting chlorine levels during peak times
  • Easy installation to new and existing pools
  • Reliable and durable for long lasting performance
  • Reliable time clock with back-up timer optional
  • Adjustable cleaning cycle
  • Union connections for easy cell exchange
  • High grade U.V. stabilized plastic control unit
  • Low heat generation
  • Environmentally friendly


Chlorine Production

  • Chlorine Output: 35 grams/hr; 280 grams/8hr
  • Sodium Hypochloride Equiv: 54 grams/hr; 432 grams/8hr