A. O. Smith S4 Water Purifier

5 Stages of Pure Drinking Water

A. O. Smith’s S4 water purifier uses a 5 stage purification system, along with Side Stream RO Membrane Technology to give you pure, clean drinking water. 100% of the water from its 9 liters storage passes through the RO membrane.

It also has advanced pre-filter and sediment filter that effectively removes suspended solids and sediments, prolonging the RO membrane’s life span. The A. O. Smith S4 water purifier can be mounted on walls, and you can also place it on countertops or any flat surface.

Product Type : Dispenser

Suitable for TDS levels : Up to 2,000 ppm

Suitable for hardness level : Up to 500 ppm

Pre-Filter : Yes

Sediment Filter : Yes

Pre-Carbon Filter : Yes

Side stream RO Membrane : Yes

MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) : No

Silver Advanced Post Carbon : Yes

SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology) : No

Large Storage Capacity : 9 Litres

Auto Flushing : Yes

Advance Digital Display : LED Indicators

Twin Advance Alert : For Sediment+Pre-Carbon and RO membrane+other filters change

Tank overflow protection : Yes

Leakage Sensors : Yes

Product Dimensions (HxDxW) : 503H x 325D x 214W

Pressure Rating : 7 psi to 30 psi

Power-Rating (Max.) : 48 Watts

Heating Element Wattage : N/A

Percent of Recovery : Up to 30%


To know more about this product, visit https://www.aosmith.com.ph/