A. O. Smith AR600-C-S-1 Tankless Purifier

Product type: Under-the-sink

Capacity/day: 600 GPD (94L/H)

Dimensions (HxDxW) (mm): 490 x 175 x 425

Supply Water Pressure: 14.5 psi - 50 psi

5 stages filter: 2PP in parallel+Composite(PP+CB)+75G side stream+ PAC


• Tankless water purifier guarantees the water purity and freshness

• Patented RO-Side Stream membrane with the highest recovery of water. It can reduce at least 56% of wastewater, increase 66% of pure water output, and prolong the RO lifetime by 1.5 times compared to traditional RO

• Elegant integrated electronic faucet with filter replacement reminder

• Tankless, compact design, space-saving