Jet-Flo BLC50/025 Centrifugal Pump



BLC series Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump adopt SUS304 (OCR18Ni9) stainless steel with advanced stamping and weld processing technology.




  • Elegant design
  • Corrosive-resistance
  • High efficiency
  • High pressure



  • Water supply
  • Pure water feeding system
  • Transfer liquids



Power (P₂) (HP/Kw): 0.33/0.25

Head (m): 10-6

Flow (L/min): 20-105

NPSHr (m): 3.5

Bore (inch): 1- ¼ in, 1 out



  1. Dry running would damage the mechanical seal beyond repair.
  2. The pump should avoid frequent operation, and power with the switch should turn off when voltage changes suddenly.
  3. To avoid the loss of head, it should not use the inlet valve to adjust the flow.
  4. When the pump water is disrupted or insufficient, please turn off the pump to avoid dry operation.
  5. If there is any abnormal noise, the pump should be turned off for fault finding.
  6. Pump body should be drained during periods of low temperatures or long periods of inactivity, if this inactivity is longer. Pump should be cleaned and kept in a dry and airy place.