Commercial UV Water Treatment

BIO-UV Group, one of France’s most innovative small businesses was created in May 2000. It is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of ultraviolet water treatment equipment for private and public swimming pool markets. The BIO-UV Group designs, manufactures, and markets ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection systems from its production site in Lunel, France.

What is UV?

Ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrate harmful pathogens in your home's water and destroy illness-causing microorganisms by attacking their genetic core (DNA).

The reaction time between the UV irradiation and the organism to be killed is very short and does not create any by-products at all. The water quality, both physical and chemical, remains identical before and after treatment using the UV technique. The UV disinfection can therefore take place at any conceivable and necessary place in a system.

The Different uses of UV:

  • Water purification for domestic use in homes and towns.
  • Solar panel powered drinking water.
  • Waste water purification and waste water reuse, Industrial water treatment.
  • Ballast water treatment for ships.
  • Sanitation and chloramine removal for commercial pools and spas.
  • Automatic non-chlorine water treatment for residential pools and spas.
  • Water treatment for aquaculture, fish farms, ornamental ponds and fountains.
  • Refrigeration tower anti-legionella treatment, hot water tanks anti-legionella treatment.
  • Water treatment for industrial processes in all sectors and for all types of industrial use.