Bio-UV IAM UV Sterilizer

In the year 2000, the BIO-UV Group developed and patented a water treatment concept based on ultraviolet C-type disinfection technology, which is perfectly suited to the treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater.

The BIO-UV treatment protects the environment downstream from the discharge of wastewater treatment plants, especially when there are bathing areas, white water activities, fishing, and aquaculture.

The IAM series provides continuous treatment and disinfection which destroys bacteria in the reactor.

Compared to ozone and chlorine, the IAM series doesn’t produce any disinfection by-products that are harmful to the environment. It also has automatic maintenance and cleaning of the quartz sleeves, which guarantees its overall efficiency.


  • UV monitoring sensor complying with Austrian standard that provides correct continuous operation of the sanitizer
  • LCD display of UV intensity, remote management via a 4-20mA output
  • Personalization of reactors according to the installation, operation and maintenance constraints
  • Horizontal installation of the reactor
  • Single-base lamps and patented sealing system for easy maintenance
  • Quartz wiper system without dismantling
  • Possibility of lamp power regulation
  • Lamp life: 13,000 hours